5 best moments of the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament

The first two full rounds of NCAA March Madness action featured some real lunacy. There were multiple upsets, more than a few buzzer beaters and some really nutty finishes.

The great thing about most NCAA Tournaments is that they usually have no shortage of fun storylines. This year appears to be no different. Whether it was the snubs on Selection Sunday which caused people no end of frustration, or the teams which stumbled into the tournament and showed us all how wrong we were to doubt them (I'm sorry UCLA), there has been a lot to process.

We've also seen some tremendous performances by players who might well be in the NBA before long. Guys like Ohio State's D'Angelo Russell, Villanova's Daniel Ochefu, Duke's Jahlil Okafor and Karl-Anthony Towns have played well and given us a look into what could be in store as they get better and better.

It's the great moments which bring us back over and over again each March though and this year has had a lot of them.

So much so that it's a bit tough to cut down the list to five.

But that's the dedication we show here at FanSided, picking the best of the best of the best.

While there have been some bracket busting moments early (what did you do Villanova?) and some expected losers (sorry Belmont, Northeastern and Harvard), there are still some moments which break themselves out above the rest.

These moments aren't necessarily just about who won or lost, what seeds they had or what we expected them to do. They aren't even all about the last minute shots, though those are well-represented here.

No, these moments all have something unique and fun about them, usually because of some combination of all of the above.

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