Austin lawyer claims responsibility for 'racist' stickers

Austin Lawyer Claims Responsibility For 'Racist' Stickers
Austin Lawyer Claims Responsibility For 'Racist' Stickers

An Austin man is claiming responsibility for the racist "exclusively for white people" stickers that were found on the front window of several businesses.

Criminal defense attorney Adam Reposa posted a video on YouTube explaining exactly why he defaced half a dozen East Austin businesses.

"Why I did it is pretty clear," Reposa says in the video. "The real problem is that people without money are getting f-----. They're getting pushed out, and pretty quick, this area of town is turning into whites only - not by law like it used to be."

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An East Austin resident noticed the sticker in the storefront of a women's clothing store on Wednesday. Within a few hours a number of other local businesses discovered the same sticker on their windows.

"Exclusively for white people. Maximum of five colored customers and colored [back of house staff] accepted," it read. The sticker also featured the city's official seal.

Business owners, customers, and residents were appalled, but the 40-year-old claims the stickers weren't meant to be racist. Instead, they were a comment on gentrification in Austin. However, it appears the stunt was really to promote his Facebook page, The Technology, though it's unclear what The Technology refers to.

"I use The Technology every day," he says in the video. "Apply The Technology in your life and stop worrying about getting snitched on. It don't make a f--- what I did, I'm going to do it again."

Austin police had been on the lookout for the culprit behind the stickers, and the New York Daily News reported police are aware of Reposa's video.

This isn't the first time Reposa has made headlines because of his antics. Back in 2012, Vice referred to the lawyer as a "lunatic" after a bizarre advertisement started going viral.

It's unclear if Reposa will face charges.

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