'Glee' series finale: Find out what your favorite characters are up to five years later!


Glee took its final bow.

After six years of uplifting songs, tear-jerking moments, and unforgettable characters, the groundbreaking Fox musical aired their special two-hour series finale on Friday. After taking viewers on a ride back to the untold storylines of Glee's pilot, the dramedy also fast-forwarded five years into the future to show us where some of our favorite WMHS alumni ended up.

To find out what happened to Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer), Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison), and more of Glee's most memorable characters in the series finale, read on...

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Rachel: When we caught up with our star five years later, she had already graduated from NYADA, married Jesse St. James and was more than eight months pregnant as the surrogate mother for Kurt and Blaine. (Just like her mother was!) To make matters even more heartwarming, Rachel was nominated for – and won! – the Tony for Best Actress in Jane Austen Sings, which Jesse also directed. In her speech she thanked her two dads, her fellow glee clubbers, Carmen Tibideaux, Jesse, and she dedicated the award to Mr. Schue.

Will: After New Directions won Nationals, WMHS was transformed into a performing arts school and Will was made principal. The new school boasted four separate glee clubs including New Directions (the best of the best), The Troubletones (an all-girls group), Duly Noted (an all-boys group), and a J.V. glee club for students who needed a bit more coaching. When we caught up with him five years later, he and Emma and their adorable ginger baby Danny lived happily ever after.

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Kurt and Blaine: The newlyweds moved back to New York City where (we assume) Kurt graduated from NYADA and Blaine graduated from NYU. When we caught up with them five years later, they had already starred in the first LGBTQ version of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Rachel was the surrogate mother for their future Klaine baby.

Mercedes: Shortly after the new all-arts WMHS school year started, Mercedes was asked to be the new opening act for Beyonce's world tour and she was set to cut her next album as soon as the tour was finished. When we caught up with her five years later, she had become a wildly successful music artist who was just as generous and kind as she always had been.

Tina and Artie: When we caught up with them five years later, Tina starred in one of Artie's movies and it made it into a film festival called Slamdance (not Sundance as Artie explained). Based off of their affectionate kisses, it appears that Tina and Artie -- aka Tartie -- rekindled their romance from season one.

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Sam: At the new WMHS, Sam switched over from assistant football coach to the coach of New Directions, the elite glee club on campus. When we caught up with the group five years later, we discovered through the other characters that Sam has a new girlfriend every month but he and Mercedes still text.

Sue: When we caught up with the former Cheerios coach five years later, Sue -- and her tracksuits -- had successfully become the Vice President of the United States and she had every intention of running for president in 2024. Sue and Becky rekindled their friendship and Becky became a member of her secret service detail.

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M.I.A.: As for Santana, Brittany, Puck, Quinn, Mike, Kitty and pretty much every other character in the Glee universe, we have no idea what their futures hold. All we know is that they all reunited in 2020 -- dressed in perfectly coordinated red and white outfits -- when the WMHS auditorium was dedicated to Finn Hudson.

What did you think of the Glee finale? Is there any character you wish you had been included in the five-year flash forward? Sound off in the comments below or tweet your thoughts to @LeanneAguilera on Twitter.