Mystery behind Magnum PI home solved -- and no, Obama's not moving in

Waimanalo Home Buyer Mystery Has Been Solved
Waimanalo Home Buyer Mystery Has Been Solved

WAIMANALO, OAHU - Could there be a so-called "White House" in Waimanalo? Many of you have been asking about the mystery buyer who just snatched up the Magnum PI house. That mystery has been solved.

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The new homeowner is not President Obama.

Mary Worrall and Elizabeth Worrall Daily know the house well, but they're not buying it. The two brokered the deal on the $8.7 million compound in Waimanalo. They told us all about the place.

"Magnum PI was filmed, Hawaii 5-0 was filmed here, the owners told me that episodes of the Brian Keith show was filmed there," said Mary Worrall, a realtor.

The two realtors even showed us photos of what the home looks like inside.

"It's probably the most beautiful property that I have ever had the pleasure of having a listing on in the 50 years I've been in real estate, very very special property," said Elizabeth Worrall Daily, a realtor.

"It's definitely a beautiful family home with a beautiful staircase, carved wood ceilings, high beamed ceilings. just really gracious, very gracious, one of a kind," said Worrall.

So it's fitting for a family, we get it, but what family will be fitting into it?

"I cant tell you anything about the buyer because I have signed a confidentiality agreement," said Worrall Daily.

Luckily, someone spilled the beans. It's the buyer's attorney. That buyer is Marty Nesbitt, a close friend of the Obamas who lives in Chicago. Nesbitt's attorney said his client didn't have any partners or co-investors in the deal, so if the first family is ever in Waimanalo, they'll only be visiting.

That doesn't mean we won't be seeing the Obama's around the Windward side anymore. The president has come to Hawaii for vacation every Christmas since being elected and he still has two more years in office.

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