Customer claims she was denied change because she was on her phone

Customer Claims She Was Denied Change Because She Was On Her Phone
Customer Claims She Was Denied Change Because She Was On Her Phone

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Hickory Hill woman claims a gas station cashier refused to give her back her change because she was on the phone while she was purchasing her items. She said she's knows she's not the only victim.

"I am angry, I mean I know it's just $1.43, but I am angry, very angry," Lakentra Payne said Thursday afternoon.

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Payne claims she lost $1.43 when shopping at the Triple T Market in Hickory Hill.

She said she went in a few days ago to buy a bag of chips and a drink. She was on the phone while checking out and paid with a $5 bill.

"He said, 'You don't get any change back, you were on the phone.' And I said, 'What?' And he said, 'You don't get any change back,'" Payne said.

She said the employee referenced a sign near the register that says "No phone, No change."

So WREG tested it out. We went inside and paid for a pack of gum while on the phone.

We paid with $1 and got back 62 cents.

There were no problems with the transaction, so we asked a manager about what Payne told us.

"Oh no, if we were to really do that we would have a big problem," was the response from Nhung Chu, manager of the market.

Chu said the sign means two things: one is they don't offer change for large bills. She also said it means don't be on your phone while dealing with a cashier, but said the store would never take your change.

WREG watched one man still get his change while on the phone.

"A lot of times when they're on the phone they're not paying attention then they come back and say we short changed them," Chu said.

As for the policy of not being on the phone, Payne said it's not fair, because you could be on it for an important reason. Another customer we found disagreed.

"Just be more focused on what you're buying and not be on the phone," the customer said.

So what about Payne's change?

Chu said she has no idea why Payne would say she wasn't allowed her change.

Chu thinks it might've been an issue between Payne and the store employee.

Payne says she'll just no longer shop there.

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