This fox really thinks it's a dog and will make your heart melt

This Fox Really Thinks He's A Dog
This Fox Really Thinks He's A Dog

A dog in Staffordshire, England, is living a lie and the jig is up.

This is Todd. Todd is 11 months old and he is a fox -- but for the last 7 months, Todd has been masquerading as a dog.

Emma D'Sylva rescued Todd when he was a 4-month-old cub and managed to domesticate him. Todd is completely committed to living life as his authentic self, which is, apparently, a dog. According to Buzzfeed, Todd walks on a leash, sleeps in a crate, plays with dog toys and even has canine buddies.

A 2013 article by says that foxes are one of many wild animals that are starting to become domesticated. According to the article, an institute in Siberia started breeding domestic foxes in 1959 and is still doing so today.

Other wild beasts who are finding their way to sleep at the foot of the family bed are fuzzy widdle wallabies from Australia, skunks and a funky lookin' type of salamander from Mexico called an axolotl.

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