Kevin Hart tells his most embarrassing story on 'Daily Show'

Kevin Hart Tells His Most Embarrassing Story on 'Daily Show'
Kevin Hart Tells His Most Embarrassing Story on 'Daily Show'

On a brand-new episode of "The Daily Show" Wednesday, Kevin Hart shared one of the most embarrassing moments he's ever experienced.

Good old Kevin was doing his business in an airport bathroom when someone kicked in the door to snap a picture of him.

"What do you do? I was sitting there, and I'm looking at him, the first thing you want to do is cover up. But then, then you're angry, so you gotta talk with your hands. I'm like, 'I'm in a stall! He kicked open the door! I'm standing up, like get out, get out!'" said Kevin Hart on "The Daily Show."

Ah, celebrities. They get walked in on in the bathroom and get totally flustered. Just like us.

And we weren't the only ones tickled by Kevin's hilarious story about the poop-arazzi.

"Daily Show" fans on Twitter were loving his reenactment of the cringeworthy tale and the entire interview in general.

But, hey, at least that story wasn't nearly as embarrassing as that one time Kev got totally hustled by 13-year-old Little League baseball star Mo'ne Davis at the NBA All-Star Game.

"That little girl embarrassed me on live television. It's only going to get worse if I keep going back. I don't want to see what's going to happen next."

You can check out Kevin in his latest flick, "Get Hard," March 27.

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