Dad defends taking 9-month-old son surfing

Dad Defends Taking Nine-Month-Old Surfing
Dad Defends Taking Nine-Month-Old Surfing

Inside Edition -- Teaching babies to swim is one thing, but surfing?!

A surfing dad took his 9-month-old son into the ocean on his surfboard and filmed the whole thing on a GoPro camera. Jorge Tirado captured the infant's reaction from the minute they went into the chilly water, which took some getting used to for the little guy.

But this wasn't just a dip in the water. They went out far enough to ride big waves, even going through the tube of the wave at one point.

Watch this video of a 7-week-old talking baby.

Some are criticizing the dad for taking a baby so young into the open water on a surfboard. But Tirado is defending his decision, saying, "I encourage you to safely bring your kids into the ocean." He continued to say, "This is the best sport for your spiritual, mental and physical health."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked, "I do think a lot of people seeing that video say that's not something you should do with a baby."

Tirado replied, "For me, there is no problem. I'm never going to put the baby beyond any reach. The baby is stuck with me and his legs [are] on my stomach."

So, did the baby really enjoy the ride? Take a look at his reactions and you be the judge.

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