Brittany Snow says 'Pitch Perfect 2' jokes will take it to a new level

Brittany Snow says 'Pitch Perfect 2' jokes will take it to a new level
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Brittany Snow, 29, knows how to hit a high note -- even without her nodes -- but she still has to pinch herself over the a-ca-awesome success of "Pitch Perfect."

"Its always a shock to me how many people like it and have seen it. I try not to think about it too much because its just kind of weird and overwhelming," she said in an exclusive interview with AOL.

Snow's character Chloe was a graduating senior in the first film, but fans will be happy to know that they'll be seeing a lot more of her in "Pitch Perfect 2," which hits theaters May 15.

"What happens is she wants to stick around so she intentionally make sure that stays around," she revealed.

The stunning star also got to reunite with some of her good friends on set, like Chrissie Fit, Hailee Steinfeld and best friend Kelley Jakle, who plays Jessica.

"These girls are some of my closest friends. We got really close on the first one so getting to do it again was so nice to be with my friends and sing and dance," she said. "It was so surreal doing the same sort of thing a year later. I was just lucky that we got to do it again."

In addition to more of Chloe and crew, fans can expect the same kind of humor and vibe from the first installment -- plus, more edge and exciting new talent.

"I'm really excited for people to see more of what they loved in the first one and new jokes and I think everything's pushed a little bit. Hopefully people are ready for the fact that we really go there," she teased. "And there are a lot of new characters that are really funny."

One of the new Bellas includes Fit, who Snow admitted was her partner in crime when it came to goofing around on set.

"Chrissie, our new recruit, she's pretty feisty and fun and was really great because she brought new energy to the girls. Chrissie and I definitely do the most dancing and wild things."

With the first installment full of incredible mash-ups and did-she-just-say-that humor, we honestly can't wait for the "bigger and badder" sequel ... You better a-ca-believe it!

Off the set, Snow is staying busy too. The bubbly actress recently partnered with Lipton for a viral campaign. In the first of two viral videos, Snow gets the axe for not being bubbly enough (yeah, right). And now AOL is exclusively revealing the latest video for Lipton, where the cutie sneaks back on the commercial set with outrageous "bubbly" ploys to get re-hired.

"It was really fun to be this really crazy character that I came up with that's a heightened version of myself."

See the exclusive reveal of her latest collaboration with Lipton:

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