5 ways to control and have more vivid dreams

Dream Hacks You Need to Try
Dream Hacks You Need to Try

Our dreams may be a total enigma, but that doesn't mean you can't control them. If you wish to dream more vividly and even control what you dream, there are steps you can take to do so, as Buzzfeed explains in the video above.

Since dreams quickly fade after waking up, keep a journal by your bed and write everything you remember in the present tense. If you add in any major issues in your life, it will eventually help you see the connection between your dreams and your daily life.

"Dream pillows" can be helpful, too. By placing herbs like lavender and chamomile in a small pillow, some lucid dreamers claim it will induce lucid and more vivid dreams. At the very least, you'll wake up smelling nice!

Another tip is to give yourself reality checks. When you're awake, simply say to yourself,
"I can see!" "I can feel!" "I am aware!" This will in turn, make you hyper-aware of when you are dreaming. Reality checks are said to be helpful because they will teach your body to be aware of when you are awake and when you are dreaming. Lucid dreamers recommend performing at least twelve of these reality checks a day.

Lucid dreamers also recommend meditating at least ten minutes a day. Meditation is said to have many positive effects on the mind and body, and lucid dream experts recommend meditating in order to be able to have vivid dreams.

Surprisingly, eating cheese and dairy products can also help. According to some food scientists, these foods produce chemicals that are said to transmit signals to your brain. A British study claims that the sharper the cheese, the more intense the dream is.

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