124-year-old patent ends the 'over/under' toilet paper debate

Patent Settles 124 Year Old Toilet Debate
Patent Settles 124 Year Old Toilet Debate

Finally, a 124-year-old patent will settle the age-old debate: Should toilet paper hang over or under the roll?

On Monday, writer Owen Williams tweeted an image of a 1891 patent by Seth Wheeler, the man behind the Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company. According to the illustration, the end of the toilet paper roll should be on the outside, or in the "over position."

Wheeler would know -- he was the man who first patented perforated toilet paper, or "wrapping paper" as it was apparently called back then.

The patent reads, "My invention consists in a roll of wrapping paper with perforations on the line of the division between one sheet and the next, so as to be easily torn apart, such roll of wrapping paper forming a new article of manufacture."

After more than a century, it looks like we've finally found the answer to a question that affects all of our daily lives. Now to figure out how to use a bidet.

Speaking of toilet paper, take a peek at some very creative dresses made from the white stuff:

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