Quiz: How many of the top spring break spots can you recognize?


Las Vegas is the most popular spring break spot this year. No, wait, it's Orlando. Actually, depending who you ask, it's Austin.

Travel booking sites like Orbitz, Expedia, and Kayak have all released a slew of spring break data showing where their users booked the most trips. Las Vegas is at the top of the list for most sites, except CheapOair, where it fell to number two after Orlando. (If you're curious, the hottest spring break spots on each site are listed below.)

Rather than play favorites (Las Vegas and Orlando are both pretty great), we came up with a little spring break escape game. Click through the photos above and see how many of the places on the travel sites' top lists you recognize before we name them. Got them all? Challenge a friend!

Top Spring Break Destinations

People who use Orbitz booked the most trips to:

  1. Las Vegas

  2. Cancun

  3. Orlando

  4. Punta Cana

  5. New York

  6. New Orleans

  7. Chicago

  8. Miami Beach

  9. Playa del Carmen

  10. Riviera Maya

Meanwhile the folks booking on Expedia are traveling to:

  1. Las Vegas

  2. Orlando

  3. Cancun

  4. Phoenix

  5. New York

  6. Los Angeles

  7. Miami

  8. Ft. Lauderdale

  9. Tampa

  10. San Francisco

Las Vegas is hot, but wait -- CheapOair has a different top spring break spot:

  1. Orlando

  2. Las Vegas

  3. Ft. Lauderdale

  4. Los Angeles

  5. Phoenix

  6. Miami

  7. Cancun

  8. San Juan

  9. Mexico City

  10. Montego Bay

Finally, Kayak did things a little differently, highlighting the spring break places that got more popular this year:

  1. Austin

  2. Ft. Lauderdale

  3. Los Angeles

  4. Miami

  5. West Palm Beach

  6. Phoenix

  7. Ft. Myers

  8. Los Cabos

  9. San Juan

  10. Tampa

By those measurements, it looks like a pretty good spring break for Florida!

Last Minute Spring Break Travel Ideas

Last Minute Spring Break Ideas
Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

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