Exclusive! Dennis Haysbert will guest star on 'Blue Bloods'

Ripple of Hope Award Ceremony
Ripple of Hope Award Ceremony

Police Commissioner Reagan's office is about to add another officer.

CBS tells AOL exclusively that Dennis Haysbert will guest star in an upcoming episode of "Blue Bloods" as Chief Donald Kent, an old friend of Commissioner Frank Reagan's who scores a promotion to a two-star Chief for his leadership of the Gang Unit.

While the guest-starring gig is exciting, Haysbert's role won't last long. On the day of his big promotion, Chief Kent and his wife of 30 years will be tragically assassinated as a direct retaliation to his longtime crackdown on cleaning up the streets. According to CBS, the Reagans will come together to honor his legacy and bring justice to those responsible for the brazen act of violence.

The episode doesn't currently have a scheduled air date, but will be part of a two-part season finale.