28 most memorable buzzer beaters in March Madness history

Any kid growing up who fantasizes about playing collegiate basketball will count down as they shoot a fade-away jumper in the corner of his or her driveway. After the shot falls through their basket they do the best impersonation of their idol's celebration dance imagining that they are on the big stage. Hitting that buzzer beater shot is something everyone dreams of.

During March Madness, the excitement level and hype surrounding games is only amplified by 50. So when a player does fulfill that dream of knocking down a buzzer-beater three, it truly is something special.

Of course, there are the classics. Bryce Drew hitting a game-winning three off of the play that his dad set up for him. Ulyssess "U.S." Reed making a half court shot to win the National title. And, of course, Christian Laettners' turn-around jumper to beat Kentucky to win his second consecutive national title.

But what makes a buzzer beater most memorable? Is it the roar of the crowd? Or perhaps it is the celebration of the athletes after the ball falls through the net. Whatever it is, 28 buzzer beater shots have been made in March Madness history that stick out more than any others.

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