11 gorgeous second-day hairstyles

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Having to be somewhere on time can be so hard to do! It's even more challenging for women, because we have to look pretty, too... So what happens when you didn't have the time (or the mindset) to wash your hair before work? Well, you can always try one of these easy hairstyles that are made especially for dirty hair!

1. 2 minute updo by Hello Natural. Not only is this super easy to make with just an elastic headband, but it also covers up greasy hair pretty well!

2. Braided bun by Twist Me Pretty. A bit of a braid does a great job concealing dirty hair – plus it looks so chic any day!

3. Faux braided crown by Hair Romance. You won't get the crown for not washing you hair, but you can get a braided crown hairstyle and hide your laziness.

4. Plaid twist by Hello Natural. Twist a piece of printed fabric into your bun to distract from and conceal dirty hair.

5. Basic boho braids by The Freckled Fox. Again, braiding saves the day! For a really bohemian look (and for really dirty hair), just add a hat!

6. French twist hairstyle by Ma Nouvelle Mode. The dry shampoo, back combing and twisting in this tutorial won't allow your dirty hair to show. One of our favorite second-day hairstyles.

7. Double wrap ponytail bun by Inspired by This. This tutorial takes all the hair out from your face and puts it in a chunky bun only you know is dirty.

8. Pull apart side braid by Birdie Shoots. A messy side braid covers up the signs of a busy morning, and leave you looking flawless.

9. Perfect second day hair by Hello Natural. Make the tips nice and wavy, and cover the scalp with a cute beanie. No one will know that you haven't washed your hair!

10. Slick back hair tutorial by Dacia Carroll. Short/medium hair looks great in this slick style, which does a great job at keeping your secret.

11. Messy braided ponytail for shorter hair by The Wonder Forest. Our tip for dirty hair: just braid everything, doesn't matter if you hair is long or shorter!

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