The Economist criticized for cover comparing Latinos to peppers

The Economist Criticized For New Cover
The Economist Criticized For New Cover

The Economist is the latest magazine to get it all wrong.

The cover shows an American flag fashioned out of chili peppers and ripped denim with the heading "Firing up America" above it.

The story inside talks about America's growing Hispanic community in the U.S. and the "misguided" panic over border issues. The cover and subheadings in the story ('How to fire up America' and 'Chilies in the mix') quickly became an issue with the Internet.

Adrian Carrasquillo from BuzzFeed tweeted, "God knows I've spiced up the joint at BuzzFeed. Stereotypes and nonsense."

Imani Amrani of The Guardian said, "I don't think a Latino journalist would have come up with this cover for @TheEconomist"

Kristian Ramos simply responded with, "Yuck..."

And Fulana de Tal suggested, "lots of important ppl of lat amer origin, not just chilis: tomatoes, potatoes, avocados, corn. more diverse cover next time, @TheEconomist?"

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Even though the cover might rub some in the Hispanic community the wrong way, the article is written in a more positive way.

It reads, "America needs its Latinos. To prosper, it must not exclude them, but help them realise their potential...

As a vast (and mostly white) cohort of middle-class baby-boomers retires, America must educate the young Hispanics who will replace them, or the whole country will suffer...

Politicians of both left and right will have to change their tune. For a start, they will have to stop treating Hispanics as almost a single-issue group-as either villains or victims of the immigration system."

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