Stassi accidentally reveals sex tape secret on 'Vanderpump Rules' reunion

'Vanderpump Rules:' Stassi Accidentally Reveals a Big Secret
'Vanderpump Rules:' Stassi Accidentally Reveals a Big Secret

On part two of the dramatic "Vanderpump Rules" reunion, the shocking reason behind Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Marie's feud was finally revealed.

"Should I bring up why I actually hate Scheana? If I hated somebody, and I saw that their ex-boyfriend was saying, was showing a video, I would get on the phone immediately. I, first of all, I would say, 'Put that BLEEP away,' and I would call someone immediately," said Stassi Schroeder on "Vanderpump Rules."

"I did say that," said Scheana Marie.

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"No, you, you watched it, and you let everybody else watch it," said Stassi.

In short, there is a naughty video of Stassi somewhere out there, and she accused Scheana of playing a big part in leaking said video. Since she didn't want to mention the tape on the show, viewers were baffled all season long about why Stassi hated Scheana with such passion. Eventually, though, the pressure of looking like the 'mean one' for no good reason got to her, and she revealed why she was so angry during filming.

Stassi accidentally confirmed the sex tape's existence during a huge argument with Scheana, during which Stassi accused her of shopping the footage around to several media outlets.

Apparently, Stassi made the "self-pleasuring" video a few years ago for her ex-boyfriend, and he showed it to everyone at SUR.

Stassi believes Scheana tried convincing Stassi's ex to sell the tape to TMZ. Not cool.

Speaking of TMZ, the outlet actually broke the news of the sex tape's existence hours before the reunion aired.

"Vanderpump Rules" fans were totally floored by the confession, and even Bravo head honcho Andy Cohen was visibly surprised.

And, according to Andy, this might actually be the end of the road for Stassi.

"Would I be surprised if she left? No. I think she was kind of done," he said.

As for Stassi, she's opting to keep her return to "Vanderpump Rules" a secret for now. Let's hope she can actually keep this one to herself.

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