How Jim Parsons manages to push all Rihanna's buttons on set of 'Home'

How Jim Parsons Manages to Annoy the Crap Out of Rihanna
How Jim Parsons Manages to Annoy the Crap Out of Rihanna

On the "Tonight Show" Monday, actor Jim Parsons revealed he's gotten really, really good at annoying his "Home" co-star Rihanna.

"Her songs keep coming into my head. I keep, like, singing, 'Yellow diamonds.' I mean, just out of nowhere, I'll be doing it. And, first off, her reaction is always, she'll look at me, and she goes, 'That gives me chills,' and not in a good way, like please stop," said Jim Parsons on the "Tonight Show."

Okay, we can't really blame you there, Jim. We get RiRi's songs stuck in our heads, like, all the time.

But at least "The Big Bang Theory" funny man understands Rihanna's frustrations.

"What if she was doing 'bazinga' the whole time we were doing press? And I'm like, 'Would you shut up?'" said Jim.

Yeeeah, that would definitely be more obnoxious.

"Bazinga. Bazinga. Bazinga!"

But at least it seems like Jim hasn't been bugging Rihanna the entire time they've worked together.

After all, the two have been having a lot of fun posing for Instagram pictures together lately.

Well, regardless of how they're getting along, we can't wait to see, er, hear them on the big screen together when "Home" hits theaters March 27.