Dog found alive and well 8 days after tragic fire

Dog Found Alive And Well 8 Days After Tragic Fire
Dog Found Alive And Well 8 Days After Tragic Fire

A massive fire that broke out in an apartment building in Schenectady, New York on March 6th has resulted in a number of fatalities. Those who were fortunate enough to escape the blaze were worried about pets that had been left inside apartments.

Amazingly, a dog named Zeus was found alive more than a week after the fire.

8 days had passed since flames ripped through the structure and on Saturday, firefighters spotted him looking out of the window of an adjacent building.

Some food helped crews obtain the pooch's trust and using a ladder truck, they were able to rescue him. Moments after he was outside, his owner appeared and the two were reunited.

Investigators suspect Zeus survived on food that was left inside the apartment, as he is reportedly in good condition after the 8 day long ordeal.

Zeus was reported missing on social media, along with many other animals that had been in the building.

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