101 reasons why coconut oil is miracle stuff

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Coconut is really having a bit of a craze lately, but this oil is far from trendy; it's been around for centuries for cooking, health and household fixes. Not only does new research confirm that coconut oil is indeed a "better fat" for cooking, but its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties are coming to light more and more as well. Here are 101 uses for coconut oil for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage-even the first-aid kit.


1. Dab a cotton ball with coconut oil for a chemical-free eye makeup remover.

2. Mix with sugar for an invigorating body scrub.

3. Combine with beeswax, honey and vitamin E capsules for a homemade lip balm.

4. Mix in bath water for softer skin.

5. Promote healing for tattoos, sunburns and rashes.

6. Make a hydrating anti-acne face mask.

7. Mix with salt to scrub dry feet. Slather oil on under socks overnight.

8. Massage into hands for cuticle cream. Also thought to help nails grow.

9. Apply to skin to prevent stretch marks.

10. Make a DIY deodorant. Dab on baby powder for antiperspirant.

11. Massage into hair for a deep conditioning hair rinse.

12. Avoid skin stains while dying your hair by rubbing coconut oil around your ears, neck and hairline.

13. Lather into blonde hair to reduce the effects of chlorinated pools.

14. As a natural tanning oil with a very light SPF protection.

15. Mix with avocado for a 10-minute hair mask for treating brittle hair.

16. Rub on your legs in the shower for a moisturizing, anti-bacterial shave.

17. Combine coffee grounds and coconut oil and firmly massage into your thighs and booty to increase circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

18. Rub on hands for a natural moisturizer that's thought to reduce fine lines and age spots.

19. Fellas with beards can rub it in as a conditioner that nourishes the skin beneath.

20. Dab a thin layer of oil to salve skin and remove residue from hair removal waxing.

21. Massage into legs to decrease the appearance of varicose veins.

22. Combine a tablespoon of coconut oil, sea salt and gel with a cup of water and shake up in a spray bottle for DIY surfer hair.

23. Mix jojoba oil, coconut oil and a fragrance essential oil together for a concentrated detangler.

24. Combine with baking soda for an exfoliating facial scrub.

25. Massage into the soft skin in the eyebrow and under eye area to reduce fine lines.

26. Some people have claimed success in getting skin tags and "cherry moles" to slide off by rubbing coconut oil on overnight.

27. Rub it into the dry ends of your hair to take down frizz and split ends.

28. Combine with sugar for a simple DIY lip scrub.


29. Use coconut oil instead of olive oil and mix with balsamic vinegar and pepper for an instant salad dressing.

30. Grease baking sheets with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil.

31. Reap the benefits of coconut oil's fat-burning benefits by substituting it for butter or shortening.

32. Add it to soups for a richer flavor and boost of healthy fats, particularly for soups and sauces that require sautéed vegetables.

33. Add to coffee instead of creamer for a creamy tropical taste with an extra natural boost of medium chain triglycerides.

34. Keep a DIY coconut butter on hand for vegan baking.

35. Try using melted coconut oil with a dash of sea salt instead of butter on popcorn, toast and artichokes.

36. Use it as a slightly healthier base for homemade chocolates and peanut butter cups.

37. Since coconut oil can withstand high temperatures, it's great for frying foods. Just keep an eye that the hotter oil doesn't burn the food.

38. Add a teaspoon to smoothies to give an energy and flavor boost.

39. Mix it with egg yolks, apple cider vinegar, mustard and salt and pepper for a homemade all-natural mayonnaise.

40. Season coconut flakes to make coconut bacon.


41. If you're suffering nipple chafe from running, surfing or breastfeeding, soothe them with a bit of coconut oil. (If you have nursing pets, this is safe for animal mamas too!)

42. Slather it on for relief from chicken pox and shingles.

43. Mix with mint and rosemary essence for natural spider repellent.

44. Calm psoriasis, eczema and dry, scaly skin on elbows and ankles.

45. A natural, uh, personal lubricant for sexy times. Just don't mix with latex.

46. Mix with oregano to speed up healing on cold sores, canker sores and chapped lips.

47. Mix with hot water and gargle to soothe a sore throat and relax your pipes before public speaking.

48. Rub into bug bites to relieve itching and burning.

49. Rub into scalp in the shower to cure dandruff. (This works for pet dandruff, too!)

50. Makes a great salve for minor burns and scraps.

51. Use as a natural diaper cream, even for cloth diapers.

52. Make a chemical-free non-toxic toothpaste by mixing coconut oil with peppermint extract, baking soda and redmond clay.

53. Squeeze a little between your toes to clear up athlete's foot.

54. Dab on the inside of nostrils to prevent nosebleeds, particularly on long flights.

55. Mix coconut oil with garlic oil and apply a few drops three times a day to clear up swimmer's ear.

56. Mix with clove oil for toothache relief until you can get to a dentist.

57. Adding three and a half teaspoons of coconut oil a day helps breastfeeding moms enrich their milk supply.

58. Some people claim that oil pulling can whiten your teeth and help prevent tooth decay when swished around for 20 minutes in your mouth first thing in the morning. (The Dental Association says to try it out but don't think that coconut oil gets you off the hook for regular cleanings.)

59. Adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to ginger tea can reduce nausea and acid reflux.

60. Coconut oil makes a non-staining, all-natural massage oil.

61. The lauric acid in coconut can help take care of diarrhea and bowel discomfort.

62. Some people swear by coconut for reducing the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

63. Dab it on topically to reduce rashes, chicken pox and shingles.

64. Add a little bit to dog or cat food to clear up an upset stomach or promote healing from an injury.

65. Follow up an apple cider vinegar rinse with a coconut oil scalp massage to treat lice. Let the oil sit for 24 hours and brush through with a fine tooth comb to beat the nasty little buggers.

66. Spread on a nail brush for an antifungal scrub.

67. Taking coconut oil assists in the absorption of calcium and magnesium for bones.

68. There's some thought that coconut oil stabilizes the hormones that cause hot flashes and menopause discomfort.

69. Add it to your diet during a yeast infection and the antifungal oil will help you clear up quicker.

70. Relieve puppy's itchy feet and cut back on kitty's hairballs.

71. Burned the roof of your mouth? Coconut oil helps heal and eases some of the irritation.

72. Mix with oregano oil for a natural hand sanitizer.


73. Season a cast iron pan.

74. Lubricate sticking gates and key slots.

75. Shine a leather couch.

76. Clean food grease off the oven range.

77. Add a tiny dollup to pet treats for gum health and a shiny coat.

78. Mix with baking soda for natural Goo-Gone.

79. Remove gum from hair.

80. Use as a natural shiner and spreading agent for herbal remedies for household plants.

81. Use it to condition wood cutting boards, butcher blocks and cracking wooden knife handles.

82. Remove labels and stubborn price stickers. Spread on a film of coconut oil, leave it for awhile and scrub off. It should take the paper residue with it.

83. Remove ink marks and scuffs from leather, vinyl and pleather shoes, bags and furniture.

84. Lubricate guitar strings.

85. Clean engine grime and tire rims on your car.

86. Rub a little on a dry bike chain to grease it up in a pinch.

87. Mix with lemon juice for a non-toxic furniture polish.

88. Polish your shoes to a shine with a dab of coconut oil.

89. Use it to oil the blades of a lawn mover or hedge trimmer.

90. Combine with equal parts vegetable oil and spray directly on weeds until they wilt and can be pulled up easily.

91. Mix with lemon and rub along the inside of cabinets to repel cockroaches in food cupboards and silverware drawers.

92. Rub a dab on the joints of home gym equipment to stop squeaking.

93. Coconut oil will remove the damage from a crayon through a clothes dryer. Just dab it on, wait 10 minutes and scrub off the softened crayon spot. This works for chalkboards and car dashboards too.

94. A tiny bit of coconut oil will go a long way on a stubborn zipper.

95. In the winter, a thin coat of coconut oil on an outdoor satellite will help prevent snow from sticking to it.

96. Outsmart squirrels: rub a coat of coconut oil over the poles and wires they use to climb.

97. Dab a little on a rag to cut through soap scum in the shower. Spray the area with white vinegar afterward.

98. Use solid coconut oil and white vinegar to buff scratches in hardwood floors.

99. Clean paint brushes of all types. Use it instead of mineral spirits for artist brushes and rub into mascara brushes to break up clumps and increase the longevity of your makeup.

100. Melt coconut oil with beeswax and essential oils to make natural bug repelling candle diffusers.

101. Combine with honey and castile soap for a homemade body wash.

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