Oklahoma County Deputy Erik Gransberg becomes 'Deputy Dunk' after video goes viral

'Deputy Dunk' Video Goes Viral
'Deputy Dunk' Video Goes Viral

Oklahoma County Deputy Erik Gransberg goes by a new nickname after his skills on the basketball court went viral: 'Deputy Dunk.'

Not only does he serve and protect, but he also wows with his amazing flips, WCVB reports.

"I think that's a good nickname, especially in this uniform,' Deputy Gransberg said. "I've been called a lot of things that I couldn't say on the news, so if people want to call me 'Deputy Dunk,' I think that's wonderful."

With heavy boots, a 10-lb. duty belt and body armor, most people probably couldn't pull off his slick flips -- heck, they probably couldn't even comfortably walk!

We bet he can dance pretty well -- and that's just what he'd love to do. The only thing he wants from his new-found fame is to hopefully get Ellen DeGeneres' attention.

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