March Madness 2015: Most overrated/underrated teams


And the 2015 NCAA Tournament is upon us. Sunday, the men's basketball tournament selection committee announced the field of 68, which begins play in Dayton, Ohio on Tuesday night with two play-in games followed by another two the following evening (though the official name given to those games is "first round", we all know that's rather hilarious).

All in all, after analyzing the brackets, the committee did a solid job. There are no significant snubs. That probably says as much about the quality of teams in college basketball this season.

It also would seem to speak to the felt apathy most fans feel given the likely scenario that the Kentucky Wildcats will easily continue their undefeated season by stomping on opponents and winning by like 80 points every game.

Using the primary ranking system we'll be using to determine overrated and underrated teams in this article -- Ken Pomeroy's rankings -- Colorado State does not have an argument as a snub. In fact, the first team that has even a pinch of discord to cry about is believe or not the Florida Gators.

That, again, tells you all you need to know about the overall strength of this tournament. It is rather top heavy. But make no mistake, the committee seeded teams overall fairly. There have been much worse brackets in the past.

Yet there are some teams who got the benefit of the doubt it seems (overrated) and those who got the shaft a bit (underrated).

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