Teen sculpts nude Bill Cosby in protest

Teen Protests Bill Cosby With Nude Sculpture
Teen Protests Bill Cosby With Nude Sculpture

(KTXL) -- A California teen's artistic protest is in the national spotlight.

Rodman Edwards, 15, created a 3-D portrait of comedian Bill Cosby in the nude.

His "Fat Albert Cries for Dr. Huxtable" is the teen's proposal to replace the current bust of the actor in front of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Halls of Fame.

The young sculptor told FOX40 on Wednesay the piece is not necessarily meant to "replace" the bust but his dialogue surrounding Bill Cosby is very real.

Bill Cosby depicted like you've never seen him before, naked and overweight, with only a character he once voiced saving him from complete shame.

"I put Fat Albert where his genitalia would be just like he's blocking Cosby from what he's about to do," Edwards explained.

Edwards has been sculpting political and artistic pieces for years and said he made his 3-D piece months ago. His artistic protest has garnered national attention.

"I'll be honest I do believe in the accusations and it kind of disgusts me that people can actually say that that many women are lying about something like this," Edwards said.

Cosby has been accused of sexually assaulting at least 30 women, claims the comedian has denied. The news has bothered Edwards who said he used to believe in the positive messages Cosby once shared.

"The idea was that Cosby was misrepresenting his character, his creations," he said.

The fan turned skeptic us now using his artwork to voice his opinions. A move his sculptor father, applauds.

"It was a little shocking but I liked it. I knew where he was going with it," Daniel Edwards said.

The teen told FOX40 he had asked the TV Hall of Fame to swap out their bust of Cosby with his own.

"It's just digital for now but there's possibly going to be small 3-D prints made of it," Edwards said.

But, at the very least, the piece has been a conversation starter and for Edwards, an awareness builder.

"I was really happy so see my work get out there. Whether it was negative or positive attention," he said.

The TV Hall of Fame has not agreed to swap out the bust. The Turlock teen has been sculpting social commentary pieces for years. He said he's exploring a Miley Cyrus sculpture.

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