What does the state you live say about your personality?

What Does the State You Live in Say About Your Personality?
What Does the State You Live in Say About Your Personality?


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Does the state you live in affect your personality?

Truity, a personality and career assessment website surveyed more than 12,000 Americans to determine the personality traits of each state.

Their research found Texans are "hard-working, no-nonsense folks who enjoy the good company of others." They also determined that Texas was not considered one of the top five states when it comes to being open-minded, unconventional or friendly. North and South Dakota are supposedly the most down-to-earth and friendly states.

Surprisingly New York and California aren't even on the top 5 list for states with the most neurotics. That dubious honor goes to South Dakota followed by Delaware, Kentucky, Vermont and Illinois.

Nevada, Montana, Arkansas, Wyoming and Wisconsin are the most extroverted states. If you're looking for introverts, they're hiding in: Vermont, Kentucky, South Dakota, Idaho and West Virginia.

When it comes to "state of mind", the states with the most abstract thinkers are in the northeast in Rhode Island, Delaware, Vermont, D.C. and Maryland. Residents of Illinois, North Dakota, Indiana, South Dakota and Colorado are more concrete thinkers.

That's the personality state of affairs.

Take a look at Truity's infographic to see their full survey results:

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