'Pawn Stars': Rick tries to get his hands on a rare coin

'Pawn Stars:' See If Rick Can Get His Hands on a Rare Coin
'Pawn Stars:' See If Rick Can Get His Hands on a Rare Coin

On Thursday night's episode of "Pawn Stars," a man came into the shop looking to sell an extremely rare coin for a big chunk of change.

But unfortunately, shop owner Rick Harrison's expert had to burst the customer's coin bubble.

"I'm asking $100,000," said Greg on "Pawn Stars."

"Oh. Oi. There was actually an NGC encapsulated one, proof 64 cameo, believe it went for $52,000," said coin expert Mike.

It's not exactly the price tag Greg here was looking to get for his 1895 Morgan dollar, which is also referred to as the "King of the Morgan dollars" because of its rarity.

And the expert later added another coin in the same condition sold for even less, around $48,000. Ouch.

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Still, Rick was pretty intrigued by the rare coin, so much so that he offered to buy it for $40,000.

Unfortunately, Greg wouldn't settle for the lower price, and they went their separate ways. Wait, what?!

Fans on Twitter didn't seem to have too much sympathy for him either. Several users claimed he was asking too much and probably should've just taken the $40,000.

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