Liam Neeson won't deny he was a jerk to Brooke Shields

Liam Neeson Won't Deny He Was a Jerk to Brooke Shields
Liam Neeson Won't Deny He Was a Jerk to Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields accused Liam Neeson of being kind of a jerk when they dated back in the 1990s. And the actor isn't denying it.

"I'm not going to deny it. I actually don't really remember. It was many years ago, but..." said Liam Neeson on "Watch What Happens Live."

"She talked about you two dating," said Andy Cohen.

"Dating, and then I flew off to L.A., and I didn't call her back. It sounds... yeah, I guess it was," said Liam.

Who knew Liam was such a heartbreaker?

Brooke revealed in her memoir, "There Was a Little Girl," Liam actually proposed to her after only three months of dating then never called her again. Apparently, he wasn't taken with her.

But wait, it gets worse. Brooke told People shortly after the book was published back in November, "He came back after the first time he left me and asked me to marry him again. And I said, 'No, no, no, because knowing you, you'll probably fall in love with your next leading lady and marry her.'"

And she was right on. Liam met his late wife Natasha Richardson when they both starred in the play "Anna Christie." They tied the knot in 1994.

At least Liam feels bad about the way he treated Brooke back then.

He told Andy Cohen he hasn't spoken to her in a long time, but he thinks she's "a great lady and a fantastic girl."

Moral of the story here - we all do stupid things, even if you're as awesome as Liam Neeson.

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