$1M lottery prize goes unclaimed after winner loses ticket

$1M Lottery Prize Goes Unclaimed After Winner Loses Ticket
$1M Lottery Prize Goes Unclaimed After Winner Loses Ticket

A man has missed out on claiming a more than one million dollar lottery prize. It's an ordeal that stretches back to September of last year when the winning ticket was sold at a market in Rosemead, California and yesterday the deadline was reached to cash in on the prize but no ticket was turned in.

That's because the very unfortunate man lost the ticket.

California Lottery released surveillance footage from the store on Wednesday in the hopes of identifying him.

"We have got surveillance video of the person state lottery officials believe whose name should be on this check."

One individual came forward saying he is the man in the video but he said he misplaced the important piece of paper that deemed him a winner. Since he wasn't able to turn it in by 5 p.m. on Thursday, which marked the 180-day deadline, the money is labeled as unclaimed and will be given to California public schools.

Although the winner didn't get any reward, the supermarket that sold the ticket received a bonus of nearly 5,500 dollar.

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