13 ways to make your own perfume

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Perfume is one of the most subjective topics there is. We aren't all born with the same sense of scent, and someone else's favorite perfume (and especially the amount they use) can be your worst nightmare.

This is often the case with store-bought fragrances: they're too strong, they irritate the skin and they're impossible to wear in summer. So why not make your own perfume that's customizable and completely unique?

Most of these DIY perfume recipes use essential oils, and there's really no easier way to get a personal perfume that will soon become your signature scent.

13 Ways to Make Your Own Perfume
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13 ways to make your own perfume

1. DIY Solid Perfume by Hello Natural. This is the perfect sized perfume for traveling or keeping in your purse, and it’s made with beeswax and essential oils.

Photo Credit: Hello Natural

2. Homemade Jasmine Perfume by Oh the Lovely Things. Jasmine has been used in treating anxiety and nerves, but it’s also so pleasantly scented. You can now wear it on your skin!

Photo Credit: Oh The Lovely Things

3. Essential oil roll-on by Little Monster. Mix in your favorite essentials oils in a roll-on vial, and always keep your new purse-friendly perfume at home.

Photo Credit: Little Monster

4. Super Light Perfume by A Nest For All Seasons. If store-bought perfume is too strong and causes you headaches, something lighter is the solution. Plus you can craft a scent that’s typically you.

Photo Credit: A Nest for All Seasons

5. Solid Perfume Tutorial by Crafts Unleashed. To make sure you can always refreshing with your favorite perfume, make it directly into a locket! This way it will always be handy.

Photo Credit: Crafts Unleashed

6. DIY Perfumed Body Powder by Beautylish.  This unconventional perfume comes in the form of powder, which means you can easily wear it even in the hottest of heats.

Photo Credit: Beautylish

7. Homemade Perfumed Vanilla Oil by Jillian in Italy. Vanilla beans, vodka and jojoba oil are the only three ingredients needed to make this perfume. And what a special one it is!

Photo Credit: Jillian in Italy

8. Citrus Sunshine Perfume by  Hello Natural. This natural perfume is made with pure grain alcohol and distilled water, and you can mix your favorite essential oils to create the perfect scent. 

Photo Credit: Hello Natural


9. Homemade Eau de Parfume by Design Sponge. The pictured bottle features cedarwood, clove and lavender oil, and it instantly sends your mind to the garden.

Photo Credit: Jen Altman/Design Sponge

11. Lavender Solid Perfume by Mother Earth Living. Not only does this smell lovely, but it also helps relieve headaches and jet leg. A must-have for any woman’s purse!

Photo Credit: Mother Earth Living

12. Sandalwood and Vanilla Solid Perfume Recipe by Mommypotamus.  Musky sandalwood is mixed with smooth vanilla, spicy bergamot and sweet grapefruit to create the perfect scent that complements your personality.

Photo Credit: Mommypotamus

13. Loveswept Solid Perfume by Hello Natural. What does love smell like, you wonder? Easy: this solid perfume! It features jasmine, clove and vanilla essential oils and it’s poured in heart-shaped containers.

Photo Credit: Hello Natural


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