Starbucks deemed 'Most Depressing' gets a makeover


A Starbucks that was in a pretty dire need of a remodeling job is now showcasing a new look.

The coffee shop is located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles and the update comes after customers complained to the company last summer. Many local residents even thought the layout was similar to a prison.

"This looks like a bunker house. This looks pared down, very minimalist. It doesn't really have the charm and the quaintness that they said they were going to give us," one patron said.

The problem they had with it pertains mostly to the interior space, or more fittingly the lack thereof.

There was only a walk up window, drive through, bathroom and an outdoor seating area. Following the backlash, KTLA reached out to Starbucks and the company agreed that the Highland Park shop did not mesh well with the neighborhood.

Months later, the location was temporarily closed for renovations and now the work is complete. There is still no indoor seating area, however the patio has been expanded, the windows are larger and the exterior walls have been outfitted with reclaimed wood.

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