Sarah McLachlan opens up on her sad pet PSAs

Sarah McLachlan Opens Up On Her Sad Pet PSAs
Sarah McLachlan Opens Up On Her Sad Pet PSAs

Nothing puts a damper on your TV watching quite like the saddest commercial ever. You know the one.

It's Sarah McLachlan and poor, unfortunate shelter dogs begging you to get off the couch and save them. The PSA was filmed almost 10 years ago and still makes the hardest of hearts turn into mush as soon as you hear the first chords of McLachlan's song "Angel"

The ASPCA's commercials are the most depressing things on television but for a very good cause.

The singer-songwriter told the Charlotte Observer that she got on board when one of her good friends, who happened to be on the board of the SPCA in Vancouver, asked if she would consider doing an ad for them.She says she only spent three hours in the studio and the ad managed to help raise 30 million dollars.

Surprisingly the Grammy winner's passion isn't animal.

"It really hit home in a profound way, and there were articles written about how we'd changed the face of fundraising," McLachlan told The Charlotte Observer. "And it was kind of difficult for me because I started to feel a bit disingenuous about the whole thing, in the sense that I had people writing me letters weekly (about shelter animals). I felt like a fraud, because I just did this little commercial. I love animals as much as the next person, but if I really wanted to attach myself to something, it would be kids and education.

And if you find yourself clamoring for the remote the minute you see those puppy dog eyes on TV, you're not alone. Last year McLachlan sat down with HuffPost Live and she admitted she does the same thing.

Even if you can't bear to watching it, you should still donate because, c'mon those faces!

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