Real-life 'Up' house gets a less-than-happy ending

'Up' House Could Be Demolished
'Up' House Could Be Demolished

A home that has been labeled the real-life"Up" house probably won't have as happy of an ending as the Disney Pixar movie.

The "Up" house we're talking about has a lot less helium and won't ever get off the ground. It actually may be going to the ground instead.

Edith Macefield's famous -- or infamous house, depending on who you ask -- is up for auction where it could be bought by developers and be demolished. She became a local hero when she reportedly turned down a $1 million offer from developers to buy her house.

Macefield died in her little home in Seattle from pancreatic cancer in 2008. She was 86 and left her house to the senior superintendent in charge of all that construction surrounding her home, Barry Martin. He actually ended up being her caregiver and even wrote a book about Macefield.

KOMO reports Barry sold the house to a real estate coaching firm for $310,000 that was going to both utilize it and leave it as a landmark.

From there, the home went into foreclosure, which is why it's now going up for auction Friday.

But there is at least one crowdfunding campaign seeking money to buy the house so it won't be torn down. The campaign's website estimates it will take $1 million to save and preserve the home.

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