Man in England finds whole potato in bag of potato chips

Entire Potato Found In Bag Of Chips
Entire Potato Found In Bag Of Chips

This story seems to be proof that you can't have your bag of steak and onion chips and eat 'em, too.

A man in Suffolk, England, opened a bag of potato chips hoping for a delicious snack -- but instead of finding salty, crunchy chips, he found a whole, sad, oily potato, Broken News Daily reports.

Architectural designer Richard Bootman purchased the pack of Snackrite steak and onion chips at an Aldi supermarket. When he brought them back to his desk at work, he realized something didn't feel right. "I opened the packet of crisps and noticed there wasn't the usual crunchy sound you get. I tipped the packet upside down, and this oily potato just fell out on my desk," Bootman, 25, told

To be fair to Aldi here, a plain, oily potato actually does sound more appetizing than the original flavor, though we can see how Bootman would be baffled. Plus, the package did promise 100 percent British potatoes ... and technically, that's what Bootman got.

When he posted about the hilarious incident on Twitter, there was the usual mix of shock and skepticism. In response to one person who said it had to be a prank, Bootman wrote, "Nope, no prank, people in my office whitenessed (sic) me opening the bag, then we all burst into laughter."

Aldi quickly replied to Bootman on Twitter, noting that they were sorry to hear about the incident and would be happy to give him a full refund if he returned to the store with his receipt.

Here's hoping Bootman eventually found something to eat.

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