Little boy yells 'Ew!' during couples first kiss at wedding

Kid's 'Ew' Reaction to Newlyweds' First Kiss Is Awesome
Kid's 'Ew' Reaction to Newlyweds' First Kiss Is Awesome

A couple's first kiss as a married duo ... it's the seal for the deal.

Well, as videography company Pointe Digital caught on video, someone didn't give a 3-year-old in the audience that whole "this-is-a-super-special-moment" memo.

The little boy said, "Ew!" -- but the Utah couple, Allyson and Mike, lived by their new vows of "through the good times and bad" and went ahead and kissed again -- this time, uninterrupted.

The bride's brother came forward and gave away that it was actually his son who interrupted the two.

If the couple did want some payback 20 or so years down the road, Fox News has the perfect plan:

"Play that video at his wedding in 20 years!" Fox News anchor Steve Doocy joked.

Maybe they have no need for revenge. After the moment, the bride even exclaimed, "That was awesome!" To watch the rest, check out Pointe Digital's full video.

See the whole video below:

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