Listen to 'Make Today the Perfect Day,' the new song from 'Frozen Fever'

Disney Won't 'Let It Go,' Announces Sequel 'Frozen 2'
Disney Won't 'Let It Go,' Announces Sequel 'Frozen 2'

Good news: A new Frozen song is here! Bad news: It's not as catchy as "Let It Go." (Though that second part might actually be good news for parents.)

The new song, "Make Today the Perfect Day," is from the Frozen Fever short film that will premiere before Cinderella. The plot this time revolves around Elsa (Idina Menzel) trying to plan a surprise party for Anna (Kristen Bell), but developing a very untimely cold. Take a listen:

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So we can all agree it doesn't top "Let It Go" -- but how could it?! Still, it's on par with other favorites like "Love Is an Open Door" and "Fixer Upper," and is the first time the entire cast has appeared on one song, with little cameos by Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and Olaf (Josh Gad).

There are also plenty of fun callbacks to the film, like the bit about Anna never having a real birthday except, as Elsa puts it, "the ones you spent outside my locked door." And Menzel gets to repurpose a line from "Let It Go":

Anna: "Elsa, I'm thinkin' you might have a cold."
Elsa: "I don't get colds. Besides...the cold never bothered me anyway!"

In the end, it's a great additional to the Frozen catalogue. We love that they're sticking with girl power -- Elsa is Anna's date for her birthday, not Kristoff -- and we're actually excited to hear little kids do covers of this one. We can't wait to hear all that fake sneezing!

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But, as far as Frozen Fever goes, we're more excited about these:


They're called "snowgies" and they're probably not at all what you think they are: Producer Peter Del Vecho told Yahoo! Movies they don't have anything to do with Olaf, they're Elsa's snot. Gross. But still so cute!

We can't wait to have a stuffed animal snow booger of our own when they inevitably get made! And then see a whole short film of the snowgies before Frozen 2 comes out! Please! Give us more Frozen! WE NEED MORE FROZEN!

Frozen Fever premieres before Disney's Cinderella, in theaters tomorrow!

Get your first look at Frozen Fever in this sneak peek from the short film:

First Look at 'Frozen Fever': Elsa Celebrates Anna's Birthday!
First Look at 'Frozen Fever': Elsa Celebrates Anna's Birthday!
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