German archeologists uncover 250-year-old pretzel

German Archaeologists Dig Up A 250-Year-Old Pretzel
German Archaeologists Dig Up A 250-Year-Old Pretzel

Pretzels are deemed by many to be a delicious salty, crunchy snack, while others see them as little more than hard, stale-tasting lumps of dried out dough.

Either way, it's unlikely anyone will have the opportunity to form opinions on how the 250-year-old one dug up by German archaeologists tastes.

It's believed to be the oldest pretzel ever found.

Researchers came upon it while digging at a Bavarian locale that will ultimately become the site of a regional history museum.

A couple of other baked goods were also found.

All three were burnt, leading the scientists to believe that they were tossed out by a disappointed chef.

Though the charred nibbles apparently didn't make their baker very happy, the team that recently found them is beyond thrilled.

Overall, the location has been a fruitful one, producing remains of a wooden house that dates back 1200 years.

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