Blind therapy dog named Smiley will melt your heart

Blind Therapy Dog Named Smiley Melts Hearts
Blind Therapy Dog Named Smiley Melts Hearts

A blind golden retriever in Canada is melting hearts all over the place. His name is Smiley and even though he was born without sight and spent his early days at a puppy mill, he's a very happy pooch and he leads a very full life.

Smiley is a therapy dog that spends quite a bit of time helping mentally ill and disabled patients in the small Canadian town in which he lives. His owner, Joanne George who is also a professional dog trainer, found him at the puppy mill years ago and decided to adopt him.

Smiley's appearance is different from other Golden Retrievers. He's smaller than most dogs in his breed and his back legs are bowed. He's also got incredibly fluffy fur and that combined with his size and playful personality makes him resemble a puppy even though he has passed the ten year mark.

Given that his human mom is a trainer, Smiley is a very well-behaved boy but he also gets plenty of time to play, explore and enthusiastically take part in activities that prove he is indeed a puppy at heart.

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