U.S. News Releases 2016 Best Law Schools Rankings

Top 10 Law Schools 2016
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U.S. News Releases 2016 Best Law Schools Rankings

8. University of Virginia

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
Full-time enrollment: 1,005
Full-time 2014-2015 tuition and fees: $51,800 in-state, $54,800 out-of-state

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8. University of California - Berkeley

Location: Berkeley, California
Full-time enrollment: 890
Full-time 2014-2015 tuition and fees: $48,166 in-state, $52,117 out-of-state

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8. Duke University

Location: Durham, North Carolina
Full-time enrollment: 643
Full-time 2014-2015 tuition and fees: $55,588

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6. New York University

Location: New York, New York
Full-time enrollment: 1,423
Full-time 2014-2015 tuition and fees: $56,838

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4. University of Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Full-time enrollment: 604
Full-time 2014-2015 tuition and fees: $55,503

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4. Columbia University

Location: New York, New York
Full-time enrollment: 1,170
Full-time 2014-2015 tuition and fees: $60,274

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2. Stanford University

Location: Stanford, California
Full-time enrollment: 577
Full-time 2014-2015 tuition and fees: $54,366

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2. Harvard University

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts 
Full-time enrollment: 1,752
Full-time 2014-2015 tuition and fees: $55,842

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1. Yale University

Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Full-time enrollment: 607
Full-time 2014-2015 tuition and fees: $56,200

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Yale Law School remained No. 1 among the top law schools, but there was some reshuffling among other schools. Harvard Law School kept the No. 2 spot, but had to share it with the law school at Stanford University.

The School of Law at the University of California-Irvine, which was not ranked last year, advanced to No. 30. The law school at Wake Forest University fell from No. 31, where it was tied with several other schools, to a tie for No. 47.

East Coast schools continued to lead the rankings for part-time law programs, with Georgetown University at No. 1, George Washington University at No. 2 and Fordham University at No. 3. The Chicago-Kent College of Law at Illinois Institute of Technology climbed nine spots to land at No. 14 in this year's rankings, where it is tied with Georgia State University. Texas A&M University jumped from No. 48, where it was tied with four schools, to a tie at No. 31.

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