Stunning scene on Cape Cod beach

video at top: Icebergs washing up Cape Cod
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Stunning scene on Cape Cod beach
Huge ice chunks, some the size of cars, have washed ashore in Cape Cod.
Now Melting! Human size icebergs in #capecod National Seashore! Dapixara #photography
This is how thick ice in Wellfleet, Cape Cod! Dapixara pic. @CapeCodNPS #nature
Death Valley have sliding Rocks, We in #capecod (sailing) moving Ice! Dapixara photography. @GoParks #nature
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you KING of the Ice #wellfleet dog The 'Turtle'! Dapixara pic. #capecod
March 2? Well, alright then, snow/ice #sunset. Dapixara pic. #capecod
Fog over ice!? no wind, very cold. @ericfisher what's this? #capecod
Enjoy #sunset from Paines Creek in Brewster, MA. Dapixara photo #capecod
Sky painted by nature, tonight sunset over frozen Cape Cod Bay!

New England sure has seen a brutal winter this year, with record-setting snowfalls and numbing temperatures. Cape Cod photographer Dapixara shared stunning images on her twitter account. Dapixara is a Cape Cod-based photographer who captured the event last weekend in Wellfleet, Mass.

While WBZ-TV's chief meteorologist called the ice a "once-in-a-generation" event, it probably won't be around for long.

"But this, this nature made ice sculpture, is something to savor," the reporter said.

So, we get it, it's pretty. It sounds cool. But ... it's kind of a pain in the butt for people who want to get their fishin' on.

"It's been like this and no better for the better part of six weeks. I happen to have six kids and they don't run on good intentions, they run on income, so this is not a good thing," one fisherman told WHDH.

Or we can all go into panic mode like a writer for The Real Cape and just assume everyone is doomed.

Seriously, though, don't panic. It seems Elsa's ice magic was only temporary. One Twitter user pointed out the ice is already melting.

Others were astonished it even washed on shore at all, saying they'd never guess it was from Cape Cod and calling it the "South North Pole."

A Cape Cod National Seashore administrator told The Boston Globe chunks like this often float in during the winter, but this year they're more extreme because "there has been no snow melt in between storms."

Hey, but one thing we do know that contributes to snow melt ... warm weather. It's on the way!

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