McDonald's may add kale to their menu

Is McDonald's Trying to Save Declining Sales With Kale?
Is McDonald's Trying to Save Declining Sales With Kale?

Kale might soon be appearing on menus at a McDonald's near you.

McDonald's held a turnaround summit in Las Vegas earlier this month, and an unnamed source told CNBC kale was mentioned as a possible new menu item.

According to CNBC, a Janney Capitol Markets analyst wrote in an internal memo, "Possibilities include kale for use in salads, or perhaps a kale smoothie."

A spokesperson for McDonald's didn't exactly deny it, telling news outlets, "As we continue to listen to our customers, we're always looking at new and different ingredients that they may enjoy."

The company has been busy trying to appease public interest groups with a healthier menu.

Just last week, it announced it was going to phase out chicken raised with antibiotics from its menu and offer low-fat white milk and fat-free chocolate milk from cows that aren't treated with artificial growth hormones.

Fox News reports McDonald's recently pulled eight items from its menu to speed up the time customers have to wait for food.

With kale having become a popular superfood over the past few years, maybe it isn't such a stretch to see it next to the Big Mac on McDonald's menu boards.

The number of U.S. farms growing the vegetable more than doubled between 2007 and 2012.

USA Today reported back in 2013 that kale was showing up on 400 percent more menus than it was five years prior.

Perhaps another reason behind the reported kale addition: McDonald's U.S. same-store sales numbers dropped 4 percent in February.

The internal report from Janney did not say exactly when kale would be added to the McDonald's menu but vaguely stated it would happen in the "not-too-distant future."

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