Massive gator spotted at Florida golf course

Massive Alligator Spotted at Florida Golf Club

Well, golf just got a little more exciting.

Photos of what appears to be a mega-gator taking a stroll were posted on Facebook by the Myakka Pines Golf Club in Florida. Apparently this dinosaur-esque monstrosity was traveling across the green to get to another pond when golfers spotted him (or her) around the 7th hole.

Huge gator at golf course
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Massive gator spotted at Florida golf course

Though the picture is wild, people are skeptical, assuming they're Photoshopped because there isn't any video. Plus, we've all been burned by fake photos and video (cough - Jimmy Kimmel - cough).

Still, the evidence that it's real is compelling. If you take a look at the club's Facebook page, you will see that massive alligators are constantly taking trips across the property. A lot of these photos show them in the middle of the action, too. In response to the skepticism, Myakka wrote, "We just grown 'em big in these parts!!"

The Blaze spoke with Myakka Pines' general manager, Mickie Zada, who assured the site that nobody was in danger during the encounter. "[Alligators] usually move when the golfers approach," Zada said. "And we tell golfers to just forget about any golf balls that end up in the water."

It's not just gators that love visiting the course. Myakka has photos of birds, turtles and -- wait for it -- a bobcat. It's a blurry bobcat, but a bobcat nonetheless.

We never thought golfers could be classified as "thrill seekers," but they're the ones surrounded by wild animals!

Check out the local video from Florida station WPTV:
Massive Gator Spotted at Golf Course

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