'Breaking Bad' creator asks fans to stop vandalizing Walter White's house

Breaking Bad Creator Asks Fans To Stop Vandalizing Walter Whites House

A lovely lady living in a quiet New Mexico neighborhood is up to her ears in pizza, and it's all Walter White's fault.
The chem teacher turned meth kingpin famously hurled a delicious cheese pizza onto his garage roof in an episode of AMC's award winning drama "Breaking Bad." Now fans of the show are wasting precious pies mimicking Heisenberg and tossing them onto the roof of the actual home -- which has an actual human living in it.

"Breaking Bad" & "Better Call Saul" creator Vince Gilligan stopped by the "Better Call Saul" Insider podcast and kindly asked them to stop.

Now, Gilligan saying "stop" might not scare off superfans -- but Mike Ehrmantraut saying it? Well, that's scary! Jonathan Banks, the actor who plays Mike, joked during the podcast that he would "hunt down" pizza perps. He joined Gilligan to review the most recent episode of AMC's "Better Call Saul." Episode 6 of the new series is very Mike Ehrmantraut centric, much to the delight of "Breaking Bad" fans.

Whether or not fans will heed the warning to stop vandalizing the home with pizza bombs is anyone's guess -- but if you get caught doing it, you better call Saul.

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'Breaking Bad' creator asks fans to stop vandalizing Walter White's house
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