Bon Jovi fan gets worst tattoo that reads, ''it's is my life' - Jon Bovi'

Bon Jovi Fan Gets Worst Bon Jovi Tattoo
Bon Jovi Fan Gets Worst Bon Jovi Tattoo

On Tuesday, a Reddit user posted an image of a tattoo that was meant to quote Jon Bon Jovi's 2000 hit "It's My Life." However, there was an error... two, actually. The tattoo artist inked "It's is my life." Even worse, the quote is credited to Jon Bovi rather than Bon Jovi.

Many Redditors were skeptical and doubted the photo's authenticity, noting Jon Bovi was the name of the Bon Jovi opposite band featured on "Saturday Night Live," the band performed hits like "Dying On A Prayer" and "Alive or Dead." But user Lolololokokok, who uploaded the image, said the tattoo was very real and inked on her boyfriend's arm. She wrote he's currently in the process of having it fixed.

Sadly, even after the tattoo is fixed he'll still have a Bon Jovi lyric to "It's My Life" tattooed on his arm.

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