Woman was on phone with husband during fatal attack in Sydney

Woman Was On Phone With Husband During Fatal Attack In Sydney
Woman Was On Phone With Husband During Fatal Attack In Sydney

Police in Australia are investigating the mysterious death of a woman who was on the phone with her husband in the moments leading up to and during what is thought to be an attack.

The incident occurred on Saturday night, when the victim, identified as 41-year-old Prabha Arun Kumar was heading home from work.

Police have released CCTV footage from a train station which shows the IT worker walking while she held her cell phone to her ear.

The video was taken only minutes before she was wounded in an alleged stabbing in a nearby park.

Investigators later learned she had been speaking to her husband and reportedly told him a suspicious male was trailing her.

"Then she screamed, offering her belongings, pleading he not harm her. Her final words, "I have been stabbed.""

A preliminary investigation revealed she likely died from a wound that was inflicted by a sharp object. Police are asking the public for tips in the case.

Detectives have confirmed that the CCTV footage does not show a man following her or any suspicious activity in the vicinity of where she was walking. The investigation is ongoing.

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