See what made Meghan Trainor cry on 'The Voice'

See What Made Meghan Trainor Cry on 'The Voice'
See What Made Meghan Trainor Cry on 'The Voice'

Things got emotional for Meghan Trainor during her first day as Blake Shelton's celebrity advisor on "The Voice."

"It was really good," said Meghan Trainor on "The Voice."

"Thanks," said Joshua Davis.

"Are you crying?" asked Blake Shelton.

"Yeah," Meghan said.

"Why you crying?" asked Blake.

"It was good. I had a friend recently pass, and you made me ... ugh. You hit me, in the first line," said Meghan.

After listening to contestants Brian Johnson and Joshua Davis sing a moving rendition of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," Meghan just couldn't hold back her tears.

Now, the "All About That Bass" singer didn't give any further details on her friend's death. But it was very clear how much she's still mourning the loss.

And Meghan's fans on Twitter were quick to lend their support and sympathy, with many users saying her sad moment made them tear up too.

Well, we hope Meghan starts feeling better, because she definitely has a lot of positive things happening in her life right now too.

Aside from her appearances on "The Voice," the singer is also making her way around the U.S. on her "That Bass" tour.

And she's scheduled to perform at the iHeartRadio Awards alongside Rihanna, Madonna and Snoop Dogg March 29.

But to see more of Meghan on the small screen, you can check out new episodes of "The Voice" Mondays on NBC.