Google executive believes a 500-year human lifespan is achievable

Google Executive Believes A 500-Year Human Lifespan Is Achievable
Google Executive Believes A 500-Year Human Lifespan Is Achievable

Each year, Google gives its Google Ventures investment manager Bill Maris approximately 300 million dollars to do with what he deems best -- and often times he opts to extend the funding to companies that help humans extend their lives.

He's not talking about a year or two here and there, however, as his view of what's possible in the arena of cheating death is significantly larger scale.

Maris said, "If you ask me today, is it possible to live to be 500? The answer is yes."

According to Bloomberg, the search for making such a lifespan attainable has picked up serious momentum in the past two years, with Google Ventures increasing their funding to living sciences related endeavors by approximately 30 percent.

Among the recipients is Foundation Medicine, an enterprise that uses genetic analysis as a guide for cancer diagnoses and treatments.

It's through such alternative routes that Maris believes the practice of treating tumors with poisons will become obsolete.

The Google Ventures exec has also assembled a team of expert advisors, among which is Ray Kurzweil, noted futurist and author.

Projects that the scientist has given his verbal support to include one known as the Avatar Project, which involves transferring the information held in the human brain to robots and ultimately holograms.

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