FLASHBACK: A 13-year-old Robin Thicke hopes for a music career on the set of 'Growing Pains'

FLASHBACK: 13-Year-Old Robin Thicke Wants a Career in Music
FLASHBACK: 13-Year-Old Robin Thicke Wants a Career in Music

13-year-old Robin Thicke was already a star-on-the-rise when he serenaded us and showed off his (incredibly '90s) dance moves on the 1991 set of his dad Alan Thicke's beloved sitcom Growing Pains.

We sat down with the famous father-son duo to chat about their new collaboration for the hit show, and young Robin's dreams of eventually making a career from his love of music.

"Robin has been into music in a big way for a couple of years," Alan told ET. "Especially rap music. So we thought we'd try to come up with an idea to give us a chance to work together."

"We wrote a song together which kind of got it all started for me," said Robin. "After a few weeks we had a song. We put down a demo tape and that's what got it all started, and that's what kind of pushed me into wanting to do music."

Alan was incredibly supportive of Robin's new venture. He told ET, as long as he focuses on school first and foremost, he's happy to back Robin's dreams.

"I think that we have to feel flattered that are children want to follow in our footsteps as long as we don't push them that way," said Alan. "Turns out that he has a natural musical gift. He's good at it."

24 years later, Robin is a platinum recording artist with seven studio albums under his belt.

Watch this video to see 13-year-old Robin at the start of his illustrious career.