Pet owners find nails, safety pins in dog treats

Pet Owners Find Nails, Safety Pins In Dog Treats
Pet Owners Find Nails, Safety Pins In Dog Treats

Dog owners in a Minneapolis suburb are afraid that someone is trying to harm their pets.

Residents in Lakeville reported finding things like hot dogs stuffed with screws, open safety pins and punctured batteries scattered around their backyards over the past several days.

One pet owner told WCCO, "I saw that it wasn't something ordinary that a dog would eat and I told him to spit it out and saw it was a nail."

Some food and treats were tangled in rubber bands and balls of steel wool with suspicious capsules inside. At least two dogs have been hospitalized since last week. Lakeville police told KARE the department is treating this as a criminal case.

"You wonder what kind of person would do this and is this just a starting point?"

KARE viewers responded to the story on Facebook, calling it "sick" and "disturbing." But, according to one commenter, this isn't the first time the town has fallen victim to this sort of thing.

Rosalyn Treat wrote, "Several years ago someone tossed antifreeze laced meat into my daughters fenced in yrd and their two beagles were poisoned one had to be put down the other on life long medication they never found out who did it."

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help pay for some of the dogs' medical expenses.

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