Lamborghini found abandoned on Dallas highway

Lamborghini Found Abandoned On Dallas Highway
Lamborghini Found Abandoned On Dallas Highway

An impound lot in Dallas just got a lot fancier.A yellow Lamborghini was found abandoned on the side of the Dallas North Tollway Sunday. Police say it appears the driver hit a retaining wall and then left the car there. The luxury sports car was towed away to a Dallas police impound.

A rental car company called Exotic Skittles confirmed to WFAA that someone had rented the car from them. No word yet on who, but we imagine they'll have quite a bill to pay.

Seems like a risky move, but Twitter users didn't blame the suspect.

One user said, "If I hit a wall with my Lamborghini I'd probably run too..."

And another called it a , quote,"Power move: After you crash your Lamborghini into a wall, just leave the keys, walk away, and never look back."

The average price for many Lambo models is around $200,000. Hopefully the driver bought insurance.

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