Garbage worker sent to jail for starting work early

Sanitation Worker Jailed For Working Too Early
Sanitation Worker Jailed For Working Too Early

Most of the time your boss might be proud if you showed up to work early, but for one man in Georgia, that ambition landed him in jail.

Kevin McGill, 48, works as a garbage collector for Waste Management Inc. in Sandy Springs, which bans workers from collecting trash before 7am.

McGill showed up a few minutes after 5 a.m. and several residents called 911 complaining of the pre-dawn pickup, so he was taken to court.

The chief prosecutor in the case says the early pickups are a recurring problem and several collectors have been given fines.

He told WSB-TV, "The only thing that seems to stop the activity is actually going to jail."

The Internet was not supportive of the prosecutor's stance.

Emily Hawk tweeted, "You should be ashamed of yourself @SandySpringsGA."

Eddy Murphy asked, "FREE KEVIN MCGILL ! That Judge is an Idiot , How do you put someone in Jail for starting work too early ?"

Some even attacked the company, saying, "I wonder if @WasteManagement is using their tens of millions in profit to help their emp. Kevin McGill get out of jail time for doing job."

McGill was sentenced to 30 days in jail, but opted to serve his time over the next 14 weekends so he could continue working to support his family.

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