Fisherman thinks he hooked wooly mammoth skull

Fisherman Thinks He Hooked Woolly Mammoth Skull
Fisherman Thinks He Hooked Woolly Mammoth Skull

What Johnny Bray attempted to reel in last week didn't end up being the catfish he'd hoped for. Our partners at KJRH spoke to the Oklahoma fisherman who thinks he made a huge, hairy prehistoric discovery:

"I believe it's a woolly mammoth," Bray told KJRH.

"The mussels growing on it tell a story of years below the water. The cavities make it appear to be a skull. And the size of it? 31 inches by ... " the reporter trailed.

"30-32 inches," Bray finished.

The object on the hook - whatever it was - required Bray to do some serious heavy lifting. He told KJRH it was at least a couple hundred pounds.

"I laid my reel down, went out there because I knew it wasn't no stump or root," Bray said.

"After 30 minutes, Johnny finished loading what he estimates to be 250 pounds onto his four-wheeler," the reporter said.

Bray is going to consult some experts to see if it's really a mammoth of a discovery. He says he'll probably sell it if it ends up being worth something.

And it could be worth something, if it is what he suspects. Last year, Sky News reported on a woolly mammoth that sold for around $226,000 at auction. Granted, that was an entire skeleton.

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